Policies and Procedures

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival has a number of policies and procedures that govern the operations of the organization, and in some cases, impact our public programs. Below is a list of these positions.

Statement on BDS and Cultural Boycotts

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival opposes any attempt to suppress free speech, including through the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. As an arts organization whose mission is to spark dialogue and debate through film, we stand with Israel in opposing cultural boycotts of all kinds. Such boycotts only serve to repress the very exchange of ideas required to educate and engage around challenging issues.

As a champion of freedom of expression, AJFF does not take a position as it relates to the personal politics of individual filmmakers, actors or other artists; nor is it our role to dictate what is acceptable subject matter for artistic exploration.

Kosher Policy

AJFF has taken a kosher-style approach. This means the separation of meat and dairy at the same meal will be observed in the course of everyday business, such as meetings.

The exception to this policy is events, which may include a variety of foods provided by multiple vendors. We would request vendors to make their best effort not to mix meat and dairy. In this instance, AJFF will offer vegetarian and/or kosher-fish options for observant guests.

Under no circumstances does AJFF serve or otherwise permit treif products at its office or at its events.