Playback: Rembrance vs. Lunch

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Dir: Anna Justice • Germany • 2010 • 105 mins • English, German, Polish, Russian, with subtitles

In this epic romance based on real events, a Polish partisan and German Jewish woman forge a deep bond in the shadow of the Holocaust. After escaping a Nazi death camp, Tomasz and pregnant Hannah are separated, each sure the other is dead. Poland in ‘44 is crosscut with 1976 Brooklyn, where older, married Hannah sees a jolting TV interview. That Hannah’s lost love may be alive triggers unresolved emotions and moral ambiguities, and a tender journey told with restraint and empathy by esteemed director Anna Justice.



Dir: Donna Kanter • USA • 2012 • 78 mins • English

This ode to film and TV’s Golden Age is a fly-on-the-wall peek at amiable showbiz scribes who have swapped jokes, mused on their health, and kibbitzed about their careers for 40 years. At an LA deli, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Monty Hall, Arthur Hiller and other Hollywood greats ritually razz for hours over matzo balls and brisket, as favored server Valerie regularly steps on their punch lines. The camaraderie of these fabled funnymen is captured by filmmaker Donna Kanter’s moving tribute to earned wisdom, longevity and fellowship.

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