Playback: Aida's Secret vs. The Return

Viewing and Voting on this match-up starts August 2 and ends August 8
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Aida's Secret

Dir: Alon Schwarz, Shaul Schwarz • Canada, Israel • 2016 • 90 mins • English, Hebrew, with subtitles

Long-lost brothers seek their true lineage in this complex inquiry of identity. Born in the chaotic Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp, each not knowing the other, and separated from their Polish mother Aida, Izak was sent for adoption in Israel, and visually impaired Shepsel landed in Canada. With help, they meet after 65 years, then join aged Aida in a tearful reunion. But new intrigue emerges about Aida's life and the men’s biological father, holding the trauma of displaced persons right until the end credits.


The Return

Dir: Adam Zucker • USA • 2014 • 83 mins • English, Hebrew, Polish, with subtitles

Before WWII, Poland was home to 3.5 million Jews; only 20,000 remain. Four young women raised Catholic, who discovered as teens they were Jewish, embody today’s young Poles who know little of their heritage but strive to restore a once vibrant Jewish community. In a place where the weight of history and anti-Semitism still loom, their trek across three continents, through weddings, conversions, citizenship, and childbirth, prompts larger questions of personal and shared obligation, and the prospect of renewing and restoring the past.

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