Playback FAQ

What is a Playback Pass?
A Playback Pass provides you with one ticket to each of the two films in competition, each week of the 7-week Playback Bracket. 

How can I watch a film?
For each virtual screening you purchase, you will receive a voucher code, which allows you to watch the film at any time during its release window.

To begin the film, enter the voucher code in the Virtual Cinema, either on a computer or tablet at, or via the AJFF app on a streaming device. Then click ‘Play.’ Info on how to access the AJFF app is listed below.

What is a release window?
Simply put, the release window is the period of time when you can watch a film. The release window is noted on the event page and printed on the ticket. Each week of Playback the films in-competition for that week are available to watch anytime Monday at 4:00 PM - the following Sunday evening.

How long do I have to watch a film?
You must complete viewing of the film during the release window.

How many times can I watch a film with my voucher code?
Ticket holders may watch each film ONE time. Access to the film will expire when the release window ends — regardless of whether or not the film has been watched in full. In certain circumstances there may be a limited time to watch the film once you press 'PLAY.' In that case the information will be noted on the ticket. 

Can I buy a ticket for a film before the release window begins?
Absolutely! You can purchase tickets once they go on sale and watch during the release window.

Can a virtual screening sell out?
Yes. Due to caps on the number of views permitted, virtual screenings have a capacity limit and can sell out. We encourage you to purchase your tickets early to ensure access. 

Can I share a voucher code?
While you may gift voucher codes to someone, you cannot share the same code. Each voucher code may only be used once, and then only to stream from one location.

Can I watch the films from anywhere in the USA?
Distributors dictate the geographic region where a film may be viewed, so it varies from film to film. The geographic availability of each film will be noted on its film details page on For more information see

Can I watch the Q&A for a film within the streaming app?
Yes. When you access a film on the AJFF streaming channel, you’ll notice underneath most feature film descriptions, a supplemental Q&A conversation with the filmmaker(s), if available.

How do I access the Virtual Cinema?
Access on a television through the AJFF app available for Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and Roku.
Access through a web browser on a Computer, iPad or Tablet from

System Requirements

  • Windows computers: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Mac computers: Mac OSX 10.12 or later. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. 
  • Android: Use Chrome on Android 6.0 or later
  • iPhone/iPad: Use Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. The "Screen Mirroring" feature cannot be used - please ensure you turn off Screen Mirroring if you encounter trouble playing content. Note: You cannot use a lightning to HDMI adapter to connect to your TV. Try using AirPlay instead if you have a compatible TV or streaming box.