AJFF Playback Shorts Week Three Results

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s 20th anniversary season continues online with an interactive film contest. We invite you, our loyal audience, to cast a vote for your favorite films from our festival vault, and help determine which will claim the title of “2020 AJFF Playback Winner" in the categories of short, documentary, and narrative.

The Tribe vs. Chika, the Dog in the Ghetto


The Tribe
Dir: Tiffany Shlain • USA • 2005 • 18 mins • English

Actor Peter Coyote narrates this furiously paced, kaleidoscopic view of Jewish history, featuring the iconic Barbie doll and its Jewish creator, Ruth Handler. Featured at the 2007 AJFF.


Chika, the Dog in the Ghetto
Dir: Sandra Schiessl • Germany • 2016 • 17 mins • German, with subtitles

The wartime tale of a Jewish boy and his dog in a Polish ghetto. Based on the Holocaust memoirs of Bat-Sheva Dagan; told through imaginative animation. Featured at the 2017 AJFF.

Batman at the Checkpoint vs. Hannah Cohen's Holy Communion


Batman at the Checkpoint
Dir: Rafael Balulu • Germany, Israel • 2012 • 10 mins • Arabic, Hebrew, with subtitles

Stuck at a security checkpoint outside Jerusalem, Israeli and Palestinian boys forge a fleeting friendship. Featured at the 2013 AJFF.


Hannah Cohen's Holy Communion
Dir: Shimmy Marcus • Ireland • 2013 • 13 mins • English

A feisty Irish girl is determined to join her friends for the sacrament of the Holy Communion. The only problem is, she's Jewish. Featured at the 2014 AJFF.

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