AJFF Playback Shorts Week One Results

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s 20th anniversary season continues online with an interactive film contest. We invite you, our loyal audience, to cast a vote for your favorite films from our festival vault, and help determine which will claim the title of “2020 AJFF Playback Winner" in the categories of short, documentary, and narrative.

A Reuben by Any Other Name vs. Banana Bread


A Reuben by Any Other Name
Dir: Jeremy Lanni • USA • 2010 • 4 mins • English

A humorous debate over the differences between the bicoastal versions of the classically Jewish (but conspicuously non-kosher) sandwich. Featured at the 2011 AJFF.


Banana Bread
Dir: Barton Landsman • USA • 2009 • 9 mins • English

Matt Myerson has a worried Jewish mother. As it turns out, she actually has good reason to worry. Featured at the 2011 AJFF.

Second Guessing Grandma vs. The Gravedigger's Daughter


Second Guessing Grandma
Dir: Bob Giraldi • USA • 2008 • 10 mins • English

When Ed tells his family that he is gay, he worries that his traditional Jewish grandmother won’t understand. Featured in at 2009 AJFF.


The Gravedigger's Daughter
Dir: Shira Gabay • Israel • 2016 • 17 mins • Hebrew with subtitles

Over family and community objections, the only daughter from an Orthodox Israeli home fights for the right to take on her late father's vocation. Featured at the 2017 AJFF.

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