AJFF Playback Narrative Week Three Results

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s 20th anniversary season continues online with an interactive film contest. We invite you, our loyal audience, to cast a vote for your favorite films from our festival vault, and help determine which will claim the title of “2020 AJFF Playback Winner" in the categories of short, documentary, and narrative.

Ajami vs. The Cakemaker


Dir: Scander Copti, Yaron Shani • Germany, Israel • 2009 • 120 mins • Arabic, Hebrew, with subtitles

A gritty, urban drama brimming with raw energy and razor-sharp insights, Ajami tells the interwoven stories of Jewish, Muslim, and Christians living in bloody disharmony in an impoverished Jaffa neighborhood. The sweeping cast of characters—illegal workers, gangs, drug dealers, corrupt police, clandestine lovers—are vividly portrayed by non-professional actors, their disparate stories tied together by a revenge killing. Shuttling back and forth through time, interlocking events are witnessed through the eyes of different characters, changing audience perceptions and responses. Israel's Best Film winner, Ajami is also the first Arabic-language film to represent the Jewish state at the Oscars. Featured at the 2010 AJFF.


The Cakemaker
Dir: Ofir Raul Graizer • Germany, Israel • 2017 • 105 mins • German, Hebrew, with subtitles

Unwittingly united in grief by a closet affair, a gay German baker and weary Israeli widow seek mutual catharsis, in The Cakemaker, a compassionate meditation on the human urge for connection. The emotionally distant Tomas (Tim Kalkhof) leads a lonely life as a Berlin coffee shop pastry chef, until starting a passionate tryst with Oren (Roy Miller), a married Israeli businessman. When his lover is killed, Tomas seeks solace in Oren’s hometown, Jerusalem, taking a job at a struggling café run by his dead lover’s unsuspecting wife Anat (Sarah Adler). As business flourishes with Tomas’s kitchen talents, the bereaved pair forges a bond that blurs lines of nationality, religion and sexuality. Featured at the 2018 AJFF.

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