AJFF Playback Narrative Week Two Results

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s 20th anniversary season continues online with an interactive film contest. We invite you, our loyal audience, to cast a vote for your favorite films from our festival vault, and help determine which will claim the title of “2020 AJFF Playback Winner" in the categories of short, documentary, and narrative.

The Last Suit vs. The Little Traitor


The Last Suit
Dir: Pablo Solarz • Argentina, Spain • 2017 • 86 mins • German, Polish, Spanish, Yiddish, with subtitles

An aging Jewish tailor leaves his life in Argentina to embark on a journey back through time and halfway around the world. Eighty-eight-year-old Holocaust survivor Abraham Bursztein (Miguel Ángel Solá) is about to be put out to pasture by his children, who have sold his house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and booked him into a retirement home. Refusing to bow to family pressure, he sets off on an adventure from which he doesn’t expect to return. Fueled by a sense of duty, and a quest for closure and fulfillment, Abraham seeks out an old friend to fulfill a promise. Heartfelt and charming, this bittersweet road movie exudes a poignant message of the enduring importance of family, friends and honor. Featured at the 2018 AJFF.


The Little Traitor
Dir: Lynn Roth • Israel, USA • 2007 • 88 mins • English

Based on the acclaimed Amos Oz novel Panther in the Basement, this uplifting drama centers on the unlikely bond between a kindly British soldier and a spirited boy on the eve of Israel's birth. Eleven-year-old Proffy Liebowitz (Ido Port) and his militant friends want nothing more than the end of British occupation. After violating curfew, Proffy is caught and reprimanded by British Sergeant Dunlop (Alfred Molina). The chance encounter leads to a deepening relationship among ostensible foes. When neighbors question his allegiances, Proffy is forced to confront a tribunal (headed by Theodore Bikel), and difficult lessons about friendship. Featured at the 2009 AJFF.

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