The Yankles

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Narrative Feature
Dir: David Brooks | 115 Minutes | USA | English

In this unabashedly good-hearted and uplifting comedy, a down-and-out ex-major leaguer finds redemption by coaching an upstart yeshiva baseball team. After his career implodes, former centerfielder Charlie Jones (Brian Wimmer) is sentenced to mandatory community service after a drunk driving conviction. Shunned by society, he soon discovers that the only people willing to give him a second chance are equally desperate yeshiva students on a quest to start their own baseball team. Attempting to rebuild his reputation and mend fences with those he has wronged in the past, Charlie reluctantly agrees to coach the Yankles to the league championships. Mixing shtick with a surprisingly sensitive portrayal of the ultra-Orthodox world, this fun, family-friendly sports story delivers a feel-good message about overcoming bigotry and self-doubt.