Shorts Program 1

A collection of Jury and Audience Award-winning shorts, representing a blend of documentary subjects and stories.


A Jew Walks Into a Bar

Dir: Jonathan Miller | 24 Minutes | USA | English

An ultra-Orthodox Brooklynite aspires to become a stand-up comedian in this refreshing, funny yet poignant depiction of the troublesome dichotomy and conflict between religion and career.


Space Torah

Dir: Rob Cooper | 25 Minutes | USA | English

Space travel, Jewish world values and Yiddishkeit conjoin in this visual stunner that relates the uniquely inspiring life and out-of-this-world journey of Jewish-American astronaut Dr. Jeff Hoffman.


To Step Forward Myself

Dir: Yael Luttwak | 28 Minutes | Israel, USA | English, Hebrew with subtitles

The moving story of an American college grad who lost his life in Lebanon after joining the Israeli military.