The Meaning of Hitler

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Documentary Feature
Dir: Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker | 93 Minutes | Germany, USA | English, German with subtitles

Essential viewing in a time of rising anti-Semitism and historical revisionism, this probing, provocative interrogation of the Nazi dictator's enduring cultural impact shines a cleansing light on a mythology that spans a century. From the darkest chapters of European history to Charlottesville and beyond, this intellectual inquiry into society's fascination with Hitler and Nazism burns with present-day resonance. Taking inspiration from Sebastian Haffner’s eponymous 1978 German bestselling book, the search for answers traces Hitler’s movements and rise to power, buttressed by exceptional interviews with scholars and writers, including Emory Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt. Deconstructing and demystifying the cult status surrounding him, this artfully constructed meditation reveals the insidious legacy and weaponization of Hitler's virulent ideology, and why understanding history is more urgent than ever.