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Narrative Feature
Dir: Eytan Rockaway | 119 Minutes | USA | English

In this riveting biographical crime drama, Harvey Keitel gives a commanding, impeccable performance as an aging crime boss who enlists a young journalist to reveal the untold truth about his life. Now living in the quiet anonymity of 1980s Miami Beach, notorious gangster Meyer Lansky has retired from the financial underworld after being pursued for decades by the FBI. With time running out, Lansky—intimidating and magnetic—summons a talented but down-on-his-luck writer (Sam Worthington) to spin his dizzying tale, from impoverished young Russian Jewish immigrant to a ruthlessly resourceful force in the mob’s gambling empire. As Lansky recalls a colorful, though often brutal past filled with increasingly surprising twists, the journalist is caught in the middle of a game of cat and mouse, as the feds close in.