AJFF In Conversation: The Webinar

About the Webinars

In this monthly webinar series, take a deep dive into a spotlight work of Jewish cinema, and come face-to-face with filmmakers, actors, journalists, academics and industry leaders in a virtual post-film Q&A discussion. Audiences are invited to view the selected film via on demand streaming service or other platform, and then join the webinar for an in-depth talkback with film artists and other experts.

Latest Webinars

  May 14, 2020
In Conversation with Alexa Karolinski
Watch the acclaimed four-episode miniseries Unorthodox, about a young woman who runs away from her ultra-Orthodox community and marriage in Brooklyn. Then watch our webinar for a Q&A with show co-creator Alexa Karolinski.
  April 16, 2020
In Conversation with Jesse Eisenberg and Jonathan Jakubowicz
Watch the new biographical drama Resistance, based on the true story of legendary mime Marcel Marceau and his efforts to save Holocaust orphans with the help of the French Resistance, and then watch our webinar for a Q&A with actor Jesse Eisenberg and writer/director Jonathan Jakubowicz.