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In this bi-weekly podcast series, the voices of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival engage listeners in an entertaining, illuminating and stimulating discussion around a variety of themes and topics rooted in Jewish cinema. Hosted by AJFF’s Sara Glassberg and Brad Pilcher, each episode will feature a special guest, and showcase exemplary films, from past AJFF favorites, to hidden gems, new releases and classics.

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Latest Episodes

  September 16, 2020
How to Build a Film Festival
The seasons are changing. And with the arrival of fall comes the most exciting and consequential time of year in the cinema industry: the major fall film festivals and the unofficial kickoff to awards season. It's also a major source of films for AJFF.

  September 1, 2020
Movies In Harmony: Black-Jewish Music on Screen
Collaborative yet sometimes complicated, the relationship between Black artists and Jewish producers in the middle of the 20th century helped to shepherd the rise of jazz, blues, and rock & roll. Discover the true story behind such labels as Blue Note Records and Chess Records, as we discuss how these stories have been portrayed on the silver screen.

  August 19, 2020
The "Greats" Debate
Every art form has its classics. Cinema is no different. But when it comes to classic Jewish film, does everyone agree on the presumed greats? As you might imagine, when it comes to movies (and especially Jewish movies), no two opinions are the same. It’s deeply personal. It's highly subjective. And, it’s a source of cathartic fun to surface all-time favorite Jewish films and filmmakers, while also venting over those that might be considered overrated.

  August 4, 2020
More Than Mrs. Maisel: The Best Jewish TV Shows
There’s a new Golden Age of Television upon us, with the lines between the small screen and the big screen increasingly blurred. And for AJFF fans, this year’s Emmy nominations are proof of the awesome assortment of Jewish television that has gone mainstream. Sara and Brad go through their personal picks for the greatest Jewish TV shows of all time, from contemporary critical darlings to classics and hidden gems.

  July 21, 2020
Stan Lee and Beyond
Superhero mythology is deeply rooted in Jewish culture. After all, it was Jewish artists who built the comic book industry and influenced the superhero movie blockbusters of today. We'll consider how some of our most cherished superheroes came to be, and how actors like Gal Gadot and Paul Rudd portrayed and embodied these characters on the big screen.

  July 7, 2020
Book to Screen
By now, listeners of AJFF In Conversation: The Podcast know that, like you, our hosts Sara and Brad love movies. But they are also big bibliophiles! Sara and Brad explore the intersection of a shared joy for books and cinema. From book-to-film adaptations to books about Jewish film, and more...join us for a cover-to-cover conversation on all things page to screen.

  June 23, 2020
Olympic Pride, American Prejudice with Deborah Riley Draper
Filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper joins hosts Sara and Brad for a candid, eye-opening conversation centered around her documentary Olympic Pride, American Prejudice. We’ll discuss the film’s historical context, issues of racial inequality and injustice, as well as Deborah’s filmmaking career and the power of cinema to educate and create change.

  June 9, 2020
Lights, Camera, Feminist Call-to-Action!
AJFF has long shared strong female narratives through film. How do these stories intersect with Judaism and Jewish life? What are some memorable films that reveal the everyday realities of Jewish women around the world, and serve as a vehicle for understanding and action.

  May 26, 2020
Revenge of the Jewish Cinema!
What exactly is the Jewish notion of vengeance, and how has the concept been handled across Jewish media? Has it been portrayed with nuance and complexity, or has it mostly been a means of on-screen violence and exploitation? Explore just how revenge plays out in the 2013 Israeli film Big Bad Wolves, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, and Amazon Prime's new original series, Hunters.

  May 12, 2020
Am I Allowed to Laugh at This?
Cinema has offered numerous satirical takes on history's darkest chapter, often controversial and sometimes considered in questionable taste. Film scholar Eddy Von Mueller joins AJFF In Conversation podcast hosts Sara and Brad as they grapple with the taboo topic of Holocaust humor, discussing Chaplin's The Great Dictator and Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit, among other films.

  April 28, 2020
Matzo at the Movies
What is the relationship between food and the Jewish experience, and how has that relationship been cooked up on the movie screen? What are the quintessential Jewish foods, their role in cinematic stories, and most memorably delicious onscreen representations? Join hosts Sara and Brad, and special guest Shannon Sarna as they explore these questions. There's a LOX to talk about, so you'll definitely want to SCHMEAR this episode!

  April 14, 2020
Movies to Self-Isolate By, Part 2
We’re back with part 2 of our conversation about recommended movies to watch while cooped up flattening the curve. Dr. Matthew Bernstein of Emory University returns to join our hosts Sara and Brad, and you, for a deep dive into some uplifting, inspiring, and maybe even somewhat challenging Jewish movies you should seek out while sequestered at home. They’ll make you laugh, smile, and think. Or at least this episode will.

  April 10, 2020
Movies to Self-Isolate By, Part 1
So, you've finished watching all of Netflix (or so it seems). What are the best Jewish movies that can help pass the time while practicing social distancing? Join hosts Sara and Brad, and special guest Dr. Matthew Bernstein of Emory University, for this first-ever edition of AJFF In Conversation: The Podcast. You’ll hear about some of the most entertaining Jewish movies you should seek out while sequestered at home. From escapist fun to thought-provoking dramas, after listening to this you will have plenty of options!