How-To Drive-In at the 2021 AJFF

Where’s the drive-in?
AJFF is thrilled to present our drive-in events in an exclusive partnership with Mercedes-Benz Stadium in The Home Depot Backyard, an 11-acre greenspace.

What’s screening at the drive-in?
We’re featuring three special evenings of drive-in, starting with Shiva Baby on Young Professionals Night, plus two campy, kitschy Hollywood classics: Mel Brooks's sci-fi spoof Spaceballs and the musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors.

Are those films available to watch ONLY at the drive-in?
Shiva Baby will be also available for at-home streaming in the Virtual Cinema. Spaceballs and Little Shop of Horrors will be presented as drive-in only.

Does the drive-in ticket price depend on the number of people in the car?
No. The price is per car, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle. So, bring the whole family…the more the merrier!

Must we stay in our cars the entire time?
For your safety and comfort, we encourage you to remain in your vehicle unless you need to use the restroom or get food.

What are my food options?
You can enjoy a delicious meal, tasty snack and/or thirst-quenching beverage while snug in your vehicle. We’ve arranged for food trucks on the west lawn of The Home Depot Backyard.

Is there a food delivery app, so I don't have to leave my car?
Due to unforeseen technical issues, we regret that the food delivery app is not currently available.

There are restrooms?
Yes. A bank of heated restrooms will be positioned on the West Lawn.

What if the weather is bad?
AJFF will monitor the weather forecast right up until showtime. If rain or other conditions pose a problem, we will reschedule screenings for later in the festival and alert you about the change.