Zacma: Blindness

About The Film

A sadistic Polish interrogator is haunted by her past crimes in ZACMA: BLINDNESS, a masterfully crafted and brilliantly acted arthouse drama based on actual events before and after the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

A notorious member of the communist security apparatus, Julia Brystiger brutally persecuted political dissidents and religious figures during Poland’s repressive Stalinist period. Years later, this avowed atheist with Jewish roots finds herself at a moral crossroads, confronting deep-seated guilt over acts of torture carried out in the name of a misguided ideology. Traveling to a church-run school for the blind in Gorki, she hopes to find redemption by seeking an audience with the Primate of Poland (Marek Kalita), the country’s highest-ranking cardinal. Stranded overnight as her meeting is repeatedly postponed, Brystiger is stonewalled by Sister Benedicta (Malgorzata Zajaczkowska) and Father Cieciorka (Janusz Gajos), as historical sins are revisited upon her in a series of humiliations and horrifying hallucinations.

Featuring an electrifying performance by Maria Mamona in the central role, ZACMA: BLINDNESS is a provocative investigation into themes of faith and forgiveness by renowned writer-director Ryszard Bugajski. 

Film Details

Running Time 
110 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere