You Must Be Joking

About The Film

Stuck in a personal and professional rut, a listless New York twenty-something is inspired to pursue her long-abandoned love for standup comedy in YOU MUST BE JOKING.

Barb Schwartz (comedienne Sas Goldberg) is Jewish, single, smart and fed up with the daily grind of a dead-end job as a paralegal. Between her condescending boss (Vanessa Ray), overbearing mother (Margaret Colin) and disapproving sister (Katherine Waterston), she can’t seem to catch a break. When her law firm lands a case involving a political sex scandal, Barb is circuitously reunited with her gay childhood friend Billy (the film’s writer-director Jake Wilson). A feisty and fearless dancer, he motivates her to stretch outside her comfort zone and reclaim her passion for comedy by taking an improv class. Together, they discover it’s never too late to change course in life, even in the unforgiving world of the Big Apple.

Featuring a frenetic performance by petite live wire Sas Goldberg (who co-wrote the script with Wilson), YOU MUST BE JOKING is an offbeat and subversive indie comedy with no shortage of emotional outbursts, gut-busting laughs, awkward office dynamics and family disharmony.

Film Details

Running Time 
91 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere