Wounded Land

About The Film

An Israeli policeman finds his loyalties and values tested in the aftermath of a horrific terrorist attack in WOUNDED LAND, a fast-paced, spellbinding thriller filled with unexpected twists and turns.

A rising officer on the Haifa police force, Kobi Amar (Roy Assaf) and his regional commander Yehuda Neumann (Dvir Benedek) have been friends for years. Their relationship now faces a high-stakes turning point, with Kobi assigned to take down his superior on corruption charges. As he is nagged with second thoughts about betraying his longtime partner, a suicide bombing rocks the city center, triggering a rollercoaster chain of events. As the tumultuous night in the hospital ER unfolds, the officers are consumed with worry for missing family, while torn between tending to victims of the attack, and their duty to protect the injured terrorist from an angry, vengeful crowd.

Blurring the line between right and wrong in a multi-faceted narrative, writer-director Erez Tadmor pulls no punches in posing complex moral and political questions, while shining an unsparing light on corruption and racism in Israeli society. Nominated for 11 Israeli Academy Awards, WOUNDED LAND captured wins for Best Director Erez Tadmor and Best Actor Roy Assaf. 

Film Details

Running Time 
80 minutes
Atlanta Premiere
American Friends of Magen David Adom