The Unorthodox

About The Film

Tired of being pushed around, a disenfranchised Sephardic father launches an improvised campaign to establish influence in 1980s Israeli society, in the lively, crowd-pleasing drama THE UNORTHODOX. A Jerusalem widower with no money or connections, everyman Yaakov Cohen (Shuli Rand, sensational) is incited to act when his daughter is expelled from a prestigious religious school just for her ethnicity. Fueled by only willpower and a raging sense of inequity, Yaakov and his friends unite to form the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party. A nascent challenge to the ruling Ashkenazi establishment, their grassroots movement sets off one of the most strange, surprising and transformative elections Israel has ever had. Based on actual events, Eliran Malka's accomplished feature debut is animated with suspense and humor, relating a tale of underdog activism and dirty politics, which reshaped Israel and continues to reverberate today.

Film Details

Running Time 
99 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere