The Twinning Reaction

About The Film

The profound human toll of an infamous study of separated twins is examined in THE TWINNING REACTION, an eye-opening and deeply troubling exposé of unscrupulous science. The 1960s Neubauer-Bernard study was a tragically failed research experiment in which identical twins and triplets were split up in infancy and sent to different adoptive families. The children were then secretly studied by psychoanalysts for years in a misguided attempt to understand nature versus nurture. Legally and ethically dubious at the time, and monstrous by today’s standards, the long-term effects of the study on the children was dramatic and often heartbreaking. In searching for answers, this inside look at the consequences of medical arrogance finally gives voice to those who suffered the broken bond of twinship.

Film Details

Running Time 
55 minutes
Atlanta Premiere