About The Film

Bravura art house filmmaking certain to shock and provoke, TIKKUN examines a crisis of faith in the haunting story of a kosher butcher and his Hasidic son following a near-death experience.

Devout to the point of martyrdom, religious scholar Haim-Aaron (Aharon Traitel) finds himself contemplating impure thoughts in the shower, when an accident leaves him unconscious. With paramedics unable to revive him, Aaron’s father (Khalifa Natour) stubbornly refuses to accept his son’s fate. Though his violent intervention ultimately saves Haim’s life, both men emerge forever changed. As the father is tormented by guilt and prophetic visions of retribution for defying God’s will, the young Yeshiva student abandons his studies and aimlessly wanders Jerusalem’s nighttime streets until his sexual repression reaches its tragic nadir.

Employing surreal and often graphic, stark black-and-white images, writer-director Avishai Sivan invites controversy as he boldly reckons with theological doubt and the destruction of the natural order. Winner of the Locarno Special Jury Prize, TIKKUN also swept the Jerusalem International Film Festival with wins for Best Israeli Film, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Actor honors for Khalifa Natour.

Film Details

Running Time 
119 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere