The Tenth Man

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Returning to his old Jewish neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a middle-aged everyman seeks to reconnect with his roots and his distant father, in the genial charmer THE TENTH MAN.

After years away working as a New York economist, the listless and sweetly bumbling bachelor Ariel (Alan Sabbagh) is summoned back to his childhood home, a bustling Jewish quarter known as El Once. His father looms as a larger-than-life figure in the close-knit community, administering to the poor and sick through an ad hoc charity. Upon his arrival, Ariel is tasked with hectic preparations for the Purim holiday, receiving via cell phone a never-ending list of errands from his respected elder, heard but never seen. With a beautiful unmarried Orthodox woman, Eva (Julieta Zylberberg), serving as his guide, Ariel rediscovers the neighborhood customs and friendships he once spurned, and in doing so, a path to self-acceptance and familial reconciliation.

Argentine auteur Daniel Burman continues his celebrated career as a storyteller specializing in Jewish themes that are rich in character and observation. Tribeca Film Festival nominee for Best International Narrative Feature, and Jury Award winner for Best Actor Alan Sabbagh. 

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Running Time 
81 minutes
Atlanta Premiere