Surviving Skokie

About The Film

A sole survivor of the Holocaust and his son confront the voices of hate and their own long-suppressed, painful memories in the emotionally cathartic SURVIVING SKOKIE.

After the Nazis murder his parents and siblings, Jack Adler escaped the Shoah to assimilate in the Chicago suburb of Skokie. The Adler family’s small-town existence was shattered in 1977 when a hatemongering band of neo-Nazis announced plans to march through the streets of Skokie. The notorious episode re-traumatized the community of Holocaust survivors, while also testing the limits of the First Amendment right to free speech. Filmmaker Eli Adler explores the aftereffects of these dark days in his former hometown, as local residents finally reveal the wartime secrets they had repressed and withheld from their children. These revelations lead to a transformative journey, as father and son travel back to Poland to come to terms with the loss of family who perished in the ghettos and death camps.

Combining fascinating historical footage and a penetrating first-person perspective, SURVIVING SKOKIE spans seven decades across two continents to reveal the intimate psychology of persecution and prejudice. Winner of the Audience Award at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Film Details

Running Time 
65 minutes
Viewing Region 
East Coast Premiere