Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog

About The Film

The timeless, unbreakable bond between a boy and his faithful dog is put to the ultimate test in wartime Berlin, in the heartwarming family drama SHEPHERD: THE STORY OF A JEWISH DOG. When the Nuremberg Laws are adopted in the 1930s, Kaleb, a German Shepherd, is separated from his Jewish family. Adopted by an SS officer at a concentration camp, the dog is retrained to help round up and terrorize Jewish prisoners. But when Kaleb's former master, young Joshua (August Maturo), arrives at the camp, the dog rediscovers his unwavering loyalty. Together the pair attempts to escape the camp and begin the perilous journey to freedom. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Lynn Roth and based on the bestselling Israeli novel by Asher Kravitz, this sensitively told story of love, loyalty and courage offers a way to learn about the Holocaust accessible by children of all ages.

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Running Time 
93 minutes
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