Secrets of War

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Inseparable childhood friends in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands find their loyalty severely tested in the family-friendly, coming-of-age story, SECRETS OF WAR.

As conflict rages across Europe in the summer of 1943, 12-year-old best friends Tuur (Maas Bronkhuyzen) and Lambert (Joes Brauers) are all but oblivious to the danger. Days are spent going to school, and playing in the dense woods and underground caves outside their idyllic village in Dutch Limburg. Reality soon intrudes and begins to divide families, with Tuur’s father and brother joining a fledgling resistance movement, while Lambert’s parents ally themselves with the local Nazi party. The boys’ relationship is particularly strained, however, with the arrival of Maartje (Pippa Allen), a dark-haired girl with a mysterious identity. As the boys compete for her attentions, jealousy and betrayal set in motion a series of high-stakes events that will alter the lives of all three youths.

Director Dennis Bots and a talented child cast approach the sensitive subject matter from a delicate point of view suitable for young audiences. A bittersweet ode to innocence lost, SECRETS OF WAR is adapted from the best-selling young adult novel by Jacques Vriens.

Note: Recommended for ages 10 and older.

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Running Time 
96 minutes
East Coast Premiere