Sacred Sperm

About The Film

Exploring a deeply personal and taboo topic of Judaism, SACRED SPERM is a sensitive and serious-minded examination of one of the most important prohibitions in the ultra-Orthodox community.

According to the Talmud, male self-pleasure is forbidden, as it wastes the seeds of potential life. The code of Jewish law considers this act a sin greater than any other in the Torah, for which there is no forgiveness or atonement. Yet, despite the gravity of the consequences, is it realistic to honor this biblical commandment in today’s world? Filmmaker Ori Gruder, himself an Orthodox Jew, sets out in search of answers with the blessing of his rabbi and family, trying to fully understand the concept of “sacred sperm” while coming to terms with his own parental responsibilities. Speaking with rabbis, educators, parents and therapists within the Hasidic community, Ori learns the secret teachings and precautionary rituals of those devoted to maintaining sexual purity. Despite the harsh texts and rabbinic teachings, a tolerant side of religious adherence is revealed as well, with vulnerable worshippers receiving genuinely loving support from the community.

As the director struggles with clarifying the sacred covenant to his teenage son, SACRED SPERM provides a fascinating and respectful first exposure to this provocative theological belief.

Film Details

Running Time 
60 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere