The Return

About The Film

A new generation struggles to restore a vibrant Jewish community tragically lost to historical events in Poland in THE RETURN.

Before WWII, Poland was home to some 3.5 million Jews. In the aftermath of the Holocaust and ensuing Soviet era, only an estimated 20,000 Jews remain in the republic. Today, a generation of young Poles has been discovering its long-lost Jewish roots. Their story is told by four young women who were raised Catholic, only to discover in their teens they were actually Jewish. Strong, dynamic leaders in a nascent Jewish enclave, these twenty-somethings represent a tiny but growing sector of young Poles trying to pioneer an authentic Jewish identity with little knowledge of their long-buried ancestry. Their journey takes them to five cities across three continents, and through the milestones of weddings, conversions, citizenship and giving birth – every decision prompting a larger question of personal and communal obligation. Alongside these individual narratives, filmmaker Adam Zucker reveals a larger renaissance in cultural Jewishness initiated, surprisingly, by non- Jewish Poles who romanticize the pre-war shtetl life.

In a place where the weight of history and anti-Semitism still looms, THE RETURN dispels myths about modern Jewish life in Poland, and contemplates the prospect of renewing and restoring the past.

Film Details

Running Time 
83 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere