Restoring Tomorrow

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About The Film

RESTORING TOMORROW follows the rebirth of a national treasure, the opulent Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the oldest Jewish congregation in Los Angeles.

Modeled after the great movie palaces, the Wilshire Boulevard Temple was built in 1929 by the legendary movie moguls and showbiz congregants of the time. Combining classic architecture with the techniques of Hollywood set design, the over-65,000-square-foot landmark is adorned with stunning stained-glass, opulent murals and a soaring gold dome. Over the years, the temple fell into disrepair, so much that the structure was on the verge of collapse. Even amid a Jewish exodus from East Los Angeles, senior Rabbi Steven Z. Leder undertakes an epic and audacious $150 million renovation, seeking not only to restore the building’s physical majesty, but to create a center for Jewish life and social services for an ethnically diverse neighborhood. The seemingly impossible fundraising campaign and painstaking renovation are documented by LA-based filmmaker Aaron Wolf, grandson of beloved Rabbi Emeritus Alfred Wolf, who served the Wilshire Boulevard Temple for decades.

At a time when religious institutions are losing members and closing their doors at an alarming rate, RESTORING TOMORROW offers a hopeful vision of Jewish community for new generations. 

Film Details

Running Time 
76 minutes
Atlanta Premiere