Remember Baghdad

About The Film

REMEMBER BAGHDAD reveals the forgotten story of Iraq’s once flourishing Jewish population, and the country’s disintegration from a thriving, multiethnic melting pot to a ravaged, war-torn danger zone. At the dawn of the twentieth century, Iraq was a booming, diverse country where Jews, Muslims and Christians coexisted in peace and prosperity. With the founding of Israel in 1948, social and political upheaval followed, as Iraqi Jews—once part of the cultural, political and economic elite—were persecuted and driven out, the mass exodus culminating with Saddam Hussein’s rise to power. Through vivid testimonies and vintage home movies, these displaced Iraqi Jews share their moving personal accounts of Baghdad’s former glamorous age, and the utopia that was lost to violence and intolerance.

Film Details

Running Time 
69 minutes
Atlanta Premiere
The Breman Museum