Radio Days

About The Film

A love letter to the golden age of radio, Woody Allen’s RADIO DAYS draws on childhood memories and period tunes to evoke a nostalgic slice of 1940s Jewish-American life in the New York boroughs.

As the filmmaker reminisces in winsome voiceover, his alter ego is portrayed by Joe (Seth Green), an adolescent growing up in Rockaway, Queens. Joe and his good-natured extended family listen with rapt attention to the popular radio programs of the era, a hub of entertainment in the days before television. As their imaginations are stirred by the radio, Joe’s colorful home life is contrasted in interlocking vignettes with the less-than-glamorous world of the celebrity voices behind the microphones.

A standout ensemble delivers loads of laughs, including aspiring star Mia Farrow, lovelorn spinster Dianne Wiest, mobster Danny Aiello, radio personality Jeff Daniels, nightclub singer Diane Keaton, as well as Julie Kavner and Michael Tucker as Joe’s parents. Allen’s warm and witty screenplay, and the honeyed art design by Santo Loquasto, both received Oscar nominations. A wall-to-wall jazz soundtrack is an equally essential contribution. The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is proud to present a special 30th Anniversary screening of this sweet-hearted and vivid remembrance of time and place, as told by one of cinema’s master craftsmen. 

Film Details

Running Time 
88 minutes
Turner/Turner Classic Movies