Rabin, the Last Day

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In arguably his most ambitious and compelling work yet, notable Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai probes the precursors and aftermath of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, in the provocative drama-documentary hybrid RABIN, THE LAST DAY.

Intercutting reenactments with newsreel footage, Gitai presents a sober but spellbinding study of the events surrounding the prime minister’s murder. Styled as a political thriller, much of the film is framed around the official commission inquiry, meticulously restaged based on transcripts and various government records. Further sequences go beyond the limited scope of the state investigation to explore the collective cultural psyche that made such a violent tragedy possible. What emerges is a controversial thesis, suggesting that the assassination was the zenith of a hate-filled campaign by extremist rabbis, militant settlers, and other right-wing elements to derail Rabin's peacemaking efforts, and not soley due to inadequate security or the actions of one fanatic.

Winner of the Human Rights Film Network Award at the Venice International Film Festival, RABIN, THE LAST DAY sheds light on a grim turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the religious and nationalistic fanaticism that continues to exert dangerous sway in Israel.

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Running Time 
153 minutes
Southeast Premiere