The Pickle Recipe

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A cash-strapped party emcee and his conniving uncle scheme to steal a secret family recipe, in this crowd-pleasing family comedy co-starring comedian Jon Dore, Oscar-nominee David Paymer and Sex and the City actress Lynn Cohen.

The king of Detroit’s Jewish party scene, Joey Miller (Dore) finds himself down on his luck and deeply in debt after a freak accident totals his prized sound equipment. In dire need of help to pay for his daughter’s (Taylor Groothuis) upcoming Bat Mitzvah, Joey turns to his shady uncle Morty (Paymer), the black sheep of the family. Morty agrees to loan the money if Joey will do the unthinkable: steal his grandmother’s closely guarded pickle recipe. Against his better judgement, Joey sets out on a misguided mission, with the help of a fake rabbi (Eric Edelstein), to gain the trust of Grandma Rose (Cohen), infiltrate her popular deli, and secure her priceless recipe for the scrumptious dills. Of course, nothing goes as planned.

Endearing as it is funny, THE PICKLE RECIPE equally imparts laughs with a heartwarming metaphor about the people and memories that comprise the special ingredients of family, however dysfunctional. 

Film Details

Running Time 
97 minutes
Atlanta Premiere