The Physician

About The Film

A Christian orphan travels from medieval England to Persia, disguised as a Jew, in order to unlock the secrets of medicine in THE PHYSICIAN, a grandly mounted epic adventure featuring dazzling lensing and a topline cast.

After his mother dies of a mysterious illness, Rob Cole (Tom Payne) vows to learn how to unleash the power of healing and his own mysterious telepathic gifts. Apprenticed by a traveling barber (Stellan Skarsgård) who also passes as a rudimentary doctor, Cole sets out to seek answers beyond the limits of the Dark Ages, a time when curing illness is considered black magic. Thus begins an arduous desert journey to distant Islamic Persia, where medical science is openly embraced, but religious intolerance of Christians requires that he pretend to be a Jewish student. As Cole studies under the tutelage of master scholar Ibn Sina (Ben Kingsley), religious unrest boils over into violence, and a dangerous love affair with beautiful Jewish girl Rebecca (Emma Rigby) comes to a head.

An overseas box office hit based on the Noah Gordon bestseller, THE PHYSICIAN is nominated for five German Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

Film Details

Running Time 
136 minutes
Atlanta Premiere