Outback Rabbis

About The Film

A pair of ultra-Orthodox rabbis heads off the beaten path, deep into the Aussie bush, to find Jewish life down under, in the wildly entertaining OUTBACK RABBIS. Ari and Yossi, members of Chabad RARA (Remote and Regional Australia), are on a quest to reconnect Jews to their faith, no matter their location. Leaving their families and comfortable Melbourne homes, they hit the road in their custom mobile Mitzvah Tank, armed with a message of faith and acceptance. They journey thousands of miles to some of Australia's most remote and sparsely populated parts, as they correct misconceptions about Judaism, find lapsed Jews, and even help some Aussies discover previously unknown Jewish roots. From the lush rainforests of North Queensland to the spectacular red rocks of the central desert, this picturesque travelogue is a colorful and humorous look at two men fulfilling their slogan: "No Jew gets left behind."

Film Details

Running Time 
77 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere