Our Father

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A morally conflicted nightclub bouncer, with frustrated dreams of becoming a father, finds himself entangled in the Israeli underworld, in OUR FATHER, a gritty and visceral thriller.

A tough but honorable man, Ovadia Rachmim (Moris Cohen) works as a doorman at a Tel Aviv nightspot. Life at home with wife Rachel (Rotem Zissman-Cohen) is strained by their fruitless efforts to conceive a child. Desperate to save his marriage, the cash-strapped Ovadia goes to work for a small-time mobster (Alon Dahan), collecting debts as a way to pay for his wife’s expensive fertility treatments. His eventual attempt to break free from a life of violent crime will test his loyalties and force a difficult choice: protect his family or betray his friends.

Cohen’s expressive physical performance as the burley anti-hero earned him an Israeli Academy Award, as well as the Best Actor prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Leading the Israeli Academy Awards with a record-tying 12 nominations overall, including Best Film, OUR FATHER also nabbed the Ophir for Best Editing. 

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Running Time 
107 minutes
Atlanta Premiere