One Week and a Day

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A grieving Israeli couple tries to return to normalcy after the loss of their son in the critically acclaimed, quirky tragi-comedy ONE WEEK AND A DAY.

Following the week-long Jewish mourning period, bereaved middle-aged parents Eyal and Vicky Spivak (Shai Avivi and Evgenia Dodina) are coping with the aftermath of their son’s death from cancer, in starkly contrasting ways. As the wife seeks solace in order and routine, her husband is unable to return to work, instead exploring unfamiliar feelings, and seeking distraction with a neighbor’s stoner son (Tomer Kapon) and a stash of left-over medicinal marijuana. In an impressive debut, newbie filmmaker Asaph Polonsky brings his bittersweet story to an unexpectedly poetic and moving final act, as both parents experience their own epiphanies about the absurdity of life after a death.

ONE WEEK AND A DAY scooped eight awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, including Best Script, Best Screenplay and Best Israeli Feature. Also nominated for seven Israeli Academy Awards, as well as the Critics Week Grand Prize and Golden Camera Award at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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Running Time 
97 minutes
Atlanta Premiere
Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast