Night Will Fall

About The Film

A long-lost Holocaust documentary containing unimaginable images of genocide, and touched by some of Hollywood’s biggest names, surfaces 70 years after the war in NIGHT WILL FALL.

As Allied Forces liberated Nazi concentration camps, newsreel and military film crews were instructed to record everything, from piles of emaciated corpses to the haunted faces of survivors. Intended to be edited into damning proof of Nazi crimes, the graphic footage passed through the hands of British filmmaker Sidney Bernstein, and heavyweights Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder, only to be shelved by the politics of postwar reconciliation. NIGHT WILL FALL is the untold story of the fabled film’s stymied development and eventual painstaking restoration by London’s Imperial War Museum.

Narrated by Helena Bonham-Carter, the film presents deeply unsettling raw material from the unfinished 1945 documentary, as well as interviews with Holocaust historians and eyewitnesses, film editors, and the cameramen left traumatized by the unexpected scenes of human atrocity, which awaited them. Winner of the Jewish Experience Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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Running Time 
75 minutes
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