Naked Among Wolves

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Just weeks before liberation, Buchenwald concentration camp prisoners risk their lives to hide a small Jewish child in NAKED AMONG WOLVES, a wrenching remake of the eponymous 1960s East German drama.

With Hitler’s downfall imminent and desperation setting in, resistance leaders prepare for a late March 1945 camp uprising, but their carefully laid plans are upended when a new inmate (Robert Mika) arrives with a three-year-old boy hidden in his suitcase. Prisoner Hans Pippig (Florian Stetter) discovers the child and hides him in the storage room where he works. Though harboring the boy is seen as a threat for the entire underground movement, the inmates reluctantly band together to save the boy from certain death, an act of humanity in the face of unimaginable brutality.

NAKED AMONG WOLVES is based on the classic anti-fascist novel by communist prisoner Bruno Apitz, which was translated into 30 languages and sold more than two million copies. Filming on location in Buchenwald with the careful supervision of historical experts and surviving witnesses, Emmy-winning director Philipp Kadelbach took the Bavarian TV Award for Best Director for this transfixing narrative of courageous men who audaciously risk everything for a higher ideal.

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Running Time 
102 minutes
North American Premiere