Murer: Anatomy of a Trial

About The Film

A transfixing courtroom drama depicting one of history's most shameful miscarriages of justice, MURER: ANATOMY OF A TRIAL reconstructs the case of a sadistic Nazi war criminal and ensuing scandal that implicated the Austrian courts, press and political apparatus. Nearly 20 years after the war, Franz Murer (Karl Fischer), a respected statesman and wealthy landowner, was charged with the mass murder of thousands in a once-thriving Jewish community in Lithuania. The so-called Butcher of Vilnius faces harrowing testimony from countless survivors and witnesses, leaving little doubt of his guilt. But in a nation still in denial about its wartime complicity, conflicted jurors are manipulated by the obfuscating tactics of polished defense attorney Böck (Alexander E. Fennon). Munich Film Festival Best Feature Film winner, this shattering examination of political expediency at the expense of justice comes when the notion of truth is again being eroded by manipulation and ideological fervor.

Film Details

Running Time 
138 minutes
Atlanta Premiere