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A socially awkward young woman takes her first tentative steps toward independence and fulfilling a lifelong dream, in the Dutch romantic dramedy MOOS.

Ever since her mother’s death, Moos (Jip Smit) finds herself caught between caring for her grieving father (Michiel Romeyn) and having a life of her own. Her father wants her to take over the family textile business in a Jewish neighborhood of Amsterdam. Moos wants to become a theater star, seizing an opportunity to apply to a prestigious performing arts academy. When her audition fails, she settles for a job at a school cafeteria, while taking private singing lessons. Romantic entanglements develop with her roguishly handsome vocal tutor (Frederik Brom), complicated by feelings for childhood best friend Sam (Daniel Cornelissen) who has returned home from service in the Israeli army. Balancing her family’s low expectations of her against her own pride and determination to make something of herself, Moos reveals an inner strength few suspected she possessed.

Suffused with warmth and brimming with beguiling characters, director Job Gosschalk’s heartwarming charmer portrays a heroine’s quest to find her own uniquely beautiful voice. 

Film Details

Running Time 
91 minutes
Atlanta Premiere