Maverick Modigliani

About The Film

The tangled, toxic life and stunning masterworks of one of the twentieth century’s most brilliant but ignored artists are vividly explored in this dazzling biography. Born in Livorno, an Italian port city with a thriving Jewish community, painter-sculptor Amedeo Modigliani found his aesthetic in Paris among the forerunners of the avant-garde. But his repute as a notorious womanizer, addict and vagabond eclipses his artistic triumphs. His story is told from a unique perspective, the imagined voice of Jeanne Héburtene, his last muse and student who was tragically driven to despair. This centennial commemoration of Modigliani’s death unwinds through great museums and art collections, as experts provide insight into the misunderstood genius.

Film Details

Running Time 
97 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere