Marathon Man

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Dustin Hoffman stars as a grad student saddled with family demons, unwittingly snared in a conspiracy of stolen gems and Nazis, in MARATHON MAN, one of Hollywood’s most heart-stopping thrillers.

Based on William Goldman’s bestselling novel, the plot centers on Thomas “Babe” Levy (Hoffman), a driven, long-distance runner hoping to vindicate the memory of his father, whose suicide was spurred by the McCarthy era witch hunts. When he learns that his brother is a rogue government agent murdered in pursuit of a treacherous Nazi fugitive (a Golden Globe-winning performance by Laurence Olivier), Babe finds himself deep in a tangle of sadistic madmen, and diamonds plundered from Holocaust victims. As even his girlfriend (Marthe Keller) becomes a suspect, Babe’s world is suddenly upside down.

The first feature to use the Steadicam stabilization system to capture the breathless New York City chase scenes, MARATHON MAN moves toward its climactic confrontation under the skilled direction of John Schlesinger. A critical and box office success, the film was noted for its extreme violence, with a dental torture scene among the most stomach-churning sequences in movie history. The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is proud to present a special 40th Anniversary screening of this expertly crafted entertainment.

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125 minutes