Look at Us Now, Mother!

About The Film

After decades of conflict, a mother and her only daughter seek to salvage their abrasive relationship in this unflinching and intimate examination of family dysfunction and forgiveness.

Emmy-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum first opened up about her relationship with her mother Mildred in a 2007 short film, My Nose, which followed her mother’s crusade to pressure single, middle-aged Gayle to have plastic surgery. Though lighthearted, the film generated a more serious conversation about childhood humiliation, eventually prompting Kirschenbaum to document the emotional fallout still haunting her. Compiled from personal home movies and photos, plus diary entries and interviews both nakedly honest and bitingly funny, LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! invites audiences on the bumpy road of Gayle’s self-discovery and reconciliation. As cameras roll and the formidable Mildred grudgingly submits to counseling, long-held feelings and family secrets are bared, and a mother-daughter bond is transformed.

Describing herself as an accidental therapist, Kirschenbaum’s raw and intensely personal approach exposes a touching search for acceptance, and inspires hope for healthier relationships for families everywhere.

Film Details

Running Time 
84 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere