The Longest Journey: The Last Days of the Jews of Rhodes

About The Film

Kaleidoscopic imagery and affecting testimonials recount the rich history and heinous fate of a small idyllic Jewish island community in THE LONGEST JOURNEY: THE LAST DAYS OF THE JEWS OF RHODES

Isolated, impoverished and largely ignorant of events in Europe, the Jews of Rhodes were caught unprepared when the Nazis ordered their deportation on July 23, 1944. Even with Hitler’s imminent defeat, Italian authorities stood idly by as nearly the entire Jewish population of the island was rounded up and put on boats for the long and arduous journey from the sun-kissed Mediterranean to the hellish gates of Auschwitz. Of the approximately 1,800 Jews forced from their homes, only 151 survived. Filmmaker Ruggero Gabbai accompanies three of the survivors – Stella Levi, Sami Modiano and Albert Israel – as they return to Rhodes to recount communal celebrations; cultural interactions with Greeks, Turks and Italians; as well as unexpected horrors that awaited them. 

Their moving narration, accompanied by starkly beautiful cinematography and research by leading historians, combine to make THE LONGEST JOURNEY: THE LAST DAYS OF THE JEWS OF RHODES an invaluable testament to a once unique and vibrant Sephardic enclave.

Screens as a double feature with The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life.

Film Details

Running Time 
50 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere