Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

About The Film

An inspiring American success story, relevant to the "fake news" era, JOSEPH PULITZER: VOICE OF THE PEOPLE recounts the life and times of modern journalism’s founding father. Best remembered for the prize bearing his name, Pulitzer arrived in the mid-1800s, a poor Jewish-Hungarian immigrant. After a humble start as a St. Louis reporter, he rose through the ranks of journalism and politics, eventually purchasing the trendsetting paper The World. Over a four-decade publishing career, Pulitzer championed democratic ideals and the common man, fighting suppression of news, advocating for the poor, and exposing corruption, even as he overcame illness and attempts to discredit him. Narrated by Adam Driver, with Liev Schreiber as the voice of Pulitzer, this superbly crafted biography heralds freedom of the press at a time when First Amendment rights are challenged.

Film Details

Running Time 
86 minutes
Viewing Region 
Southeast Premiere
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation