Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers

About The Film

Epic in its scope and depth, JEWS AND MUSLIMS: INTIMATE STRANGERS is an astonishing four-part documentary series that offers a captivating and visually-striking deconstruction of 14 centuries of rich history shared between Jews and Muslims. 

Spanning the mythical times of Abraham through contemporary tensions, filmmaker Karim Miské explores the misunderstandings and omissions that have contributed to polarized identities and endless conflict. Episode 1 (Origins, 610-721) reveals the birth of Islam and a history of conquest that left Jews and Christians protected but restricted. Episode 2 (The Place of the Other, 721-1789) continues the story of life under Muslim rule, the hope of an interfaith utopia dashed by the massacre and exile of Jews from Spain. Conflict intensifies in Episode 3 (The Separation, 1789-1945) amid rising Zionism and Arab nationalism. Finally, in Episode 4 (Narratives at War, from 1945 to the Present), the horrors of the Holocaust give birth to Israel, arousing Jewish exultation, bitterness among Arabs and Muslims, and diasporas both of choice and by force. 

JEWS AND MUSLIMS: INTIMATE STRANGERS combines archival materials, original watercolor animation, and interviews with leading scholars to unpack the complex relationship between peoples who have tragically become the archetype of sworn enemies.

Note: This film will include a 10-minute intermission.

Film Details

Running Time 
208 minutes
Viewing Region 
North American Premiere