The Jews

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Starring some of the finest actors in contemporary French cinema, THE JEWS is a provocative sketch comedy that skewers the entire spectrum of anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Director, co-writer and star Yvan Attal seeks to debunk or spoof a gamut of longstanding myths (“they’re rich,” “they hold all the power,” “they killed Jesus,” etc.) in a series of satirical vignettes, each theme taken to the most absurd level possible. Combining dark humor with trenchant personal observations, the disparate tales are linked together via scenes of Attal in his therapist’s office, as he ruminates about the Jewish condition and the rising tide of anti-Semitic sentiment in France. High-profile talent Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dany Boon, Gilles Lellouche and Benoît Poelvoorde are among the French stars recruited to create a comedic counterpoint to racial and religious prejudice.

Originally titled Ilssont Partout (“They Are Everywhere”) in its home country, where the film courted acclaim and controversy, THE JEWS is a scathing and irreverent anthology that pulls no punches in its takedown of bigoted ideas. 

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Running Time 
111 minutes
Atlanta Premiere