The Interpreter

About The Film

Odd-couple traveling companions—the son of a Nazi officer and his Jewish translator—roam the Slovak countryside, in THE INTERPRETER, a bittersweet road movie full of melancholic humor that traverses complex moral and historical territory. Gloomy, worldly-wise widower Ali (Jirí Menzel) leaves his home in Bratislava to find and kill the SS officer who murdered his parents during WWII. Instead, he meets the Nazi’s son in Vienna, retired teacher Georg (Peter Simonischek), an incorrigible drunk and womanizer, yet to grasp the enormity of his father’s crimes. Despite their tense first encounter, the two ill-matched men travel together to bear witness in a country eager to forget its dark past, developing a prickly friendship along the way. Featuring finely modulated performances, Slovakia’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar explores themes of memory, trauma and guilt through the shared history of characters seeking to bridge their differences and reclaim their humanity.

Film Details

Running Time 
114 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere
Greenberg Traurig, LLP