His Wife's Lover

About The Film

A fast-paced farce of love triangles and mistaken identities, HIS WIFE’S LOVER stars Yiddish theater and film actor Ludwig Satz in what was billed as the first Jewish musical-comedy talking picture.

Heartthrob actor Edouard Wien (Satz) decides to marry, but not before testing his misogynist theories. When his uncle (Isidore Cashier) bets that all women are cheating gold diggers, Eddie feigns wealth to see if he can sway a woman to marry him for money. But surprises confound the devilish pair as their target (Lucy Levine) struggles to separate feelings from scruples. 

Exploring the gender issues of its day, HIS WIFE’S LOVER is adapted from the Yiddish stage by playwright Sheyne Rokhl Simkoff and directed by filmmaker Sidney M. Goldin (The Cantor’s Son). In one of his only surviving film appearances, Satz’s exaggerated mannerisms and anarchic energy prefigure later mainstream performers like Sid Caesar and Jerry Lewis. Benefitting from its location camerawork on New York’s Lower East Side, the film was shot in just nine days at the height of the Depression. The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is proud to present a special 85th Anniversary screening of this treasure of Yiddish film, recently restored on 35mm with new English subtitles by The National Center for Jewish Film.

Film Details

Running Time 
80 minutes