About The Film

A childless Israeli musical couple seeks to form a family in HARMONIA, a contemporary adaptation of the biblical tale of Abraham and Sarah set inside the inner sanctum of a symphony hall.

The beautiful harpist Sarah (Tali Sharon) is married to Abraham (Alon Aboutboul), the charismatic conductor of the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra. With no children, their melancholy life revolves around their music. Enter Hagar (Yana Yossef), a young horn player of French-Arab descent from East Jerusalem, who joins the orchestra and forms a close personal relationship with Sarah. Their bond gives way to something more fraught, when Hagar offers to carry the couple’s baby. Two rival prodigies are born–one Jewish, one Arab–leading to a metaphoric and multi- generational clash of cultures that can ultimately be reconciled only through music.

Nominated for five Israeli Academy Awards, and winner of the Best Cinematography and Lia Van Leer Jewish Heritage awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival. 

Film Details

Running Time 
98 minutes
Viewing Region 
Atlanta Premiere